I miss Belle Epoque dresses

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World War II closed many fashion houses in Paris. Couture was among those affected by the re-education program initiated by the French government in order to buy Vimax. German invaders took possession of French high fashion, and even considered the relocation of the haute couture to German cities Berlin and Vienna, both of which had little traditional history of fashion. These were some of the more significant changes in the French fashion landscape.

During those times, streamate models in fashion shows were limited to a maximum of 75, while the time for evening wear was significantly lessened. Day wear was also made skimpier. In the 1940s, coats were limited to no more than 4 meters in length. Blouses were limited to be of at least 1 meter. But despite all these jasminlive restrictions in place, the fashion industry pushed on, emphasizing humor as a way to defy the foreign powers.

While there were many live jasmin shops that closed down or relocation during the war, there were a few new names that opened shop. During the World War,Jasmin cams women flaunted extravagance by wearing a hat. It was the only way they can do so without earning the ire of the authorities.

Americans took advantage of Paris' isolation to show off their creativity. American jasmin cam designers introduced innovations in the way men wore work clothes. Sportswear among women also became more popular with American designers manufacturing more of these items.

In 1947, couturier Christian Dior made waves with his jasminelive collection of dresses with tiny waists, and extravagant busts, a style similar to the Belle Epoque.

I love UGG boots

Do girls really love Ugg Boots? Did I sound stupid to you? Well, not because in this fashion world, some love these boots, some hate them while some others are amazed at its prominence and growing popularity. But many love these boots and yearn for them at least once in their lifetime.

Girls became fans of these boots that they became the must-have-shoes in their wardrobe. These boots look so ugly with broad shape so that some people even thought of boycotting them from the fashion industry. But gradually it gained a huge popularity and become trendsetting footwear in the haute couture with its funky and ugly looks.

What is there in these boots that charms many girls of all ages and grades? Well, these boots come with two important aspects that make the girls love them. Firstly, some girls wish to make their own style statement to stand out from the crowd. Secondly, comes is the comfort aspects of these boots. The real ugg boots are made of double faced sheepskin of a single unit that maintains the thermostatic nature with the wool and tanned skin keeping your feet warm in extreme cold and cold during hot. These sheepskin boots ease your feet with extreme comfort and will even show off your elegance.

With the passing time, the craze for ugg boots is increasing among girls in this modern world. The growing demand for these boots made the manufacturers UGG Australia to revamp the looks of these boots with different hues. Now a girl can find ugg boots from pink to blue that makes her appear pretty charming.

It may be summer or winter, girls never care; they wear what they wish to wear. And uggs is one such footwear that girls can't stop wearing them. You can find girls wearing them not only for casual wear but also for party wear too. Girls pair these boots with skin tight denim skirts that give them a smashing and ravishing looks. Many girls love these boots but they don't know what makes them love these boots (Great confusion!). If you are the one who are not in love with these boots, then I suggest you to wear them once in your lifetime to feel the style and comfort of these boots (I bet you will love wearing them again).

I miss Beatles

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One of the most successful groups of all time, The Beatles continue to leave their mark on popular culture, proceeding to bring in additional fans with every new generation, showing that they posses the longevity to stand up to the test of time. The band continues to sell millions of records every year, in each medium available, from vinyl to CDs, and now even in MP3s, discovering a means to be relevant throughout time, and with the power to re-master tracks, they sound better currently than they ever have before.

Not many groups possess the power to outlast their own union, also outliving some of its members, but The Beatles have done what other groups have only dreamed of. Allowing them to surpass their time as a group, short as it was, and in a lot of ways, ensure their immortality, their tracks have inspired fans, as well as other groups.

Their songs have been covered by thousands of assorted artists, and their records have been re-released multiple times, providing fans the chance to enjoy their songs in a variety of different ways, pretty much securing that whether you heard it performed by The Beatles or a cover of one of their songs, there's a Beatles song that speaks to everyone on some level or another.

Their vinyl records records could just be the best way to experience the band's tracks in such a way that is organic and true to the original method in which it was originally recorded, even though The Beatles have released multiple albums in various formats. Sitting back and listening to one of the most inspirational bands of all time on a format that personifies the sound of their era is one of the best ways to actually enjoy the authenticity of the music itself.

Creating an experience that's unparalleled by any other format, record players have transformed into an exciting piece of furniture in any room, personifying the listener's taste, not just in music, but also in the method they enjoy it. Many bands could be listened to in CD or MP3 format, but Beatles vinyl truly personifies the sound of the time by which it was born, and drastically surpasses any other format, providing a unique experience by which to enjoy any number of timeless Beatles songs in the comfort of your own home. Vinyl records allow us to enjoy any genre of music in a unique way, preserving a medium that may be regarded as vintage, but timeless all the same.

I love Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles, born September 4, 1981, at Houston, Texas, is an R&B singer, song writer, record producer and American actress. Beyonce; Knowles family has some French origins: Beyonce Knowles father, Matthew, is her manager. Beyonce Knowles mother, Tina, is her stylist. Beyonce Knowles little sister, Solange, is a singer as well.

Beyonce has started dancing and singing at the age of 4. When Beyonce Knowles was 8 years, Beyonce Knowles met LaTavia Roberson during a casting. The two girls formed a music band, called "Girl Tymes". Kelly Rowland and LeToya Luckett joins them in 1992 to form the music band "Destiny's Child".

In 1997, the music band Destiny's Child signs with Columbia Records. The music band Destiny's Child first single, "Killing Time", appears in original movie soundtrack of "Men In Black". The singles No no no, With me, Get on the bus, Bills bills bills, Bug a boo, Say my name and Jumpin Jumpin follow, and the music band Destiny's Child sells a total of over 80 millions cds worldwide.

In 2000, LeToya and LaTavia leave the music band Destiny's Child and are replaced by Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams. Farrah only stays for 5 months; having become trio, music band Destiny's Child continue their success with album "Survivor" (Apple Pie A La Mode, Bootylicious, Brown Eyes, Dangerously In Love, Emotion, Fancy, Gospel Medley, Happy Face, Independent Women Part I, Independent Women Part II, Nasty Girl, Outro (DC-3) Thank You, Sexy Daddy, Survivor, The Story Of Beauty).

Leader of the music band Destiny's Child, Beyonce Knowles sings and co-composes the songs. In 2002, Beyonce Knowles wins the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) title of "Pop Songwriter of the Year"; Beyonce Knowles is the first black female to win it, and the second woman.

In 2003, Beyonce Knowles starts her solo music career with album "Dangerously in Love" (Baby Boy, Be With You, Beyonce Interlude, Bonnie And Clyde, Crazy In Love, Daddy, Dangerously In Love 2, Gift From Virgo, Hip Hop Star, Me Myself And I, Naughty Girl, Signs, Speechless, Thats How You Like It, The Closer I Get To You, Work It Out, Yes); Beyonce Knowles album wins a record of 5 Grammy Awards. Beyonce Knowles begins her film career with major roles in Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Fighting Temptations, all both in 2002.

In 2006, Beyonce Knowles releases her own line of clothes under the name "House of Dereon". Beyonce Knowles is also an emblematic figure of Loreal and Pepsi and Tommi Hilfiger with perfumes "True Star".

In 2006, Beyonce Knowles begins to work on movie Dreamgirls, while The Pink Panther where Beyonce Knowles belongs to the cast is released.

Then during 2006 summer holidays, Beyonce Knowles records in secret an album in only 3 weeks while Beyonce Knowles promised herself a break. The movie Dreamgirls, according to Beyonce Knowles, inspired her a lot for the album, called "B-Day" (Deja Vu, Freakum Dress, Get Me Bodied, Green Light, Irreplaceable, Kitty Kat, Resentment, Ring the Alarm, Suga Mama, Upgrade U). The Beyonce Knowles CD has been released the same day as Beyonce birthday, September 4th. The day of the release, Beyonce Knowles album enter number 1 in sales chart with over 530000 copies in the US within only 1 week.

If you are a Beyonce fan and love to listen to Beyonce then you can customize your cell phone by downloading Beyonce ringtones has it all: Beyonce pics, biography, lyrics, clothing line, diet, photos, birthday, videos and wallpapers.

I miss reading books

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"Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and The Frog Prince;" these are some fairy tales that I loved when I was a child. At that time, I told my mother to buy these books for me. I think not only about me, but also other children like to read these books. However, now we don't need to buy these books, we can search for them online. Moreover, we can read other information that we want from the internet. I feel that books aren't necessary anymore for three important reasons.

The first important reason is speed. Several years ago when people wanted to read a book, they needed to go to a bookstore. Sometimes it took a long time to go there, but now people can search for information from the internet to read, and it will only take a few minutes. For example, if you would like to make cocktails for your party, you don't need to buy a book. You can search for the recipe online. It helps you to save your time for doing other things.

Have you ever spent one or two hours to find a book that you really want at a bookstore? Sometimes it's not easy to find a book and people need to go back again to the bookstore to buy it. Besides that, some people need to visit several bookstores before finding the copy of the book they are seeking.

on the other hand, you just sit in front of a computer and search whatever you want. For instance, you want to go to Niagara Falls, when you go to the bookstore, you'll see many books which describe Niagara Falls. Often you can't decide which one is the best. Eventually, you'll buy one to read, but you won't know how to get there. On the other hand, if you search for directions from the internet, you'll get directions that start from your home. It's easy to find the proper way on the internet. You just follow directions, and the internet will find the shortest way for you. You will also see interesting places along the way.

Furthermore, if you read some information on the computer, you'll get more details. For example, if you want to know how to cook Asian food, you'll understand the benefit of all ingredients also. You'll get a lot of useful information.

I've presented three major reasons why I agree that books aren't needed anymore. It's more useful to read information on the computer. You won't waste your time buying the book and you won't waste your time going to bookstores. This is an easier way for you to read everything you want, isn't it?

I love ebook

I love my ebook reader because it makes my life simpler. And my ebook reader of choice is the Kindle.

How does it make it simpler, you say? Let me tell you all the cool things it does.

1. I can read at the beach and my book doesn't get all icky from the sunscreen on my hands (it's easy to clean the Kindle)
2. I never have to search for the last page I was on
3. I can read three books at a time and know exactly where I am on each one (actually, I don't have to know where I am, the Kindle remembers)
4. If the book I'm reading is boring, I can switch to any other book in my library
5. I can make notes in the margins
6. I can bookmark passages
7. And I can review my notes and bookmarks in a list
8. I can buy books while sitting on a beach in St. Martin and start reading them in one minute
9. I can download PDFs and Word documents from my computer and read them on my Kindle (saves me from sitting in front of my computer and I can get work done on the beach)
10. I can let my friends know about the great book I'm reading on Facebook and Twitter
11. I don't have to carry a separate dictionary because it's built in
12. I don't have to worry about charging it on vacation because the battery lasts for 2 weeks (no chargers to leave in the hotel room)
13. I can keep reading my great book in the car because the Kindle can read out loud to me (like books on tape)
14. I can carry all my magazines with me too
15. I don't need to carry my iPod because I can store music on my ebook reader and listen while I read
16. I don't have to come off the beach to find an internet connection to download books
17. I figure I save $10 per book so the Kindle pays for itself once I've purchased 25 books
18. No wireless bills because my 3G connection is free
19. More books than any other ebook reader
20. And I can try before I buy with their free chapter previews

Quick conclusion

So you do not have to choose between past and present just to get the best from each to make your life beautiful!

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